Our Mission

Camp One Step exists to heal scars that no one can see. Through community, support and shared experiences with peers, we deliver happy, pain free medicine called “camp.” We empower children to find new hope and believe again in a brighter future.

Camp is not a place, it is a Community


In March 2020, we began transitioning our traditional in-person programs to virtual programs in order to protect the health and safety of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. For each virtual program, campers receive a care package filled with activity supplies, games and Camp One Step gear. Program schedules consist of “online” activities via Zoom where campers can see their counselors and friends, as well as “offline” activities or outdoor time. Our campers brought their energy and enthusiasm to create positive memories in our new virtual world! 


Virtual programs also allow a child that may have relapsed or that may have treatment or risk factors too great, to still be able to participate in programs and to always feel included in the camp family. Therefore, we are thrilled to share that virtual programming will continue to be part of our DNA moving forward, and once we can safely return to in-person programs, both options will be offered to serve our campers and families.

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